Who is Your Future Customer?

How might you capture your customer needs, values, attitudes and behaviours in 10, 20, 30 years and beyond? Does your organization want to grow the same market over time or create a new market for a future user? Do you want to be able to compare and contrast multi-generational profiles to best understand similarities and differences?
This workshop is for you.
You will learn to combine the tools and methods of Design and Strategic Foresight to model future user profiles. We augment the classic Persona with Horizon Scanning techniques and contextual insights such as life-changing events, to create a plausible future user. You’ll learn to take the market segments you know today and have a clear view of what may have changed in the future so you can align your product or service strategy for tomorrow.


Vanessa Rementilla, Design Strategist and Coach, RBC

As Innovation Strategist, Design Researcher and Coach, Vanessa guides and empowers teams to solve complex challenges using strategic foresight, design and systems thinking. She leads the re-imagining of digital products, services and strategies for organizational transformation.
Prior to leading innovation teams, Vanessa’s journey in human-centered design began in digital marketing as a Creative Director where she led teams to create immersive digital experiences. She has worked for agencies such as Blast Radius and Thindata, and was an innovation consultant to start-ups, non-profits and companies in diverse industries including travel, food & retail, fashion & entertainment, automotive, financial services among many others.
Vanessa is also passionate about the intersection of children's learning, creativity and the digital space – she has a created a framework for identifying 21st century skills in digital games and she teaches Design Thinking to kids over weekend camps. Vanessa holds a Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation from OCAD University.


Adi Sharma, eX Strategist, RBC

Adi is an Experience Design Strategist and Researcher focused on creating exceptional employee experiences. He helps organizations imagine new ways of working, and shapes transformative organizational change via the application of co-creative, employee-centered methods and tools.

Prior to his current role, Adi worked in several data & technology oriented roles at RBC. He has also worked in various consulting positions in India & the US, helping transform the technological capabilities of large and small organizations in both the private & public sector.

Adi holds a Master of Business Administration from the Rotman School of Management, as well as a Master of Computer Science from the University of Iowa, where his research focused on creating assistive technologies for preschool children.