Conference Program

The conference is divided into two tracks: Head to Track 1 for talks and Track 2 for workshops.

Registration is required for workshops. This year, workshop registration will take place two weeks before the conference. Registered participants will receive an email with registration instructions. 




Opening remarks


Keynote: Service Design Economies, Professor Guy Julier




Track 1

Session theme: Service Design Beyond User-Centricity
Effective service design projects require going beyond end-users to including front line staff and designing for cultural change.


Redesigning Access to Social Assistance in Toronto

  • Clara Ganemtoré, Policy Development Officer, City of Toronto
  • Safiah Chowdhury, Policy Development Officer, City of Toronto
  • Shari Kamali, Manager, Employment & Social Services Division, City of Toronto

The delicate dance between design and change within an Indigenous organisation

  • Heather Daam, Innovation Designer, The Moment
  • Dr. Alexandra Makos, Lecturer, OISE University of Toronto

Design Thinking at Work: How Innovative Organizations Are Embracing Design

  • Dr. David Dunne, Director of MBA Programs, Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria

    Track 2

    Workshop 1

    A Sampler of Service Design Methods

    • Jacqueline Antalik, Director of User Experience, OpenRoad Communications
    • Deborah MacKenzie, User Experience Designer, OpenRoad Communications


    Lunch (served on site)


    Plenary Dialogue: Activating Service Design in Organizations,

    • Mark Kuznicki, Co-founder, The Moment
    • Greg Judelman, Co-founder, The Moment
    • Judy Mellett, Director, Service Design, Innovation & Strategy at TELUS
    • Jesús Gorriti, Head of Digital Customer Experience and Design, Royal Bank of Canada


    Track 1

    Session theme: Service Design Gets Political
    As service design’s influence increases, we must grapple with the ethical and political dimensions of the work.


    Let's Get In Form-ation

    • Irene Guglielmi, A/Executive Director, Government Digital Experience Division (GDX), Province of B.C.
    • Deanna Young, Team Lead, Service Design Specialist, Government Digital Experience Division (GDX), Province of B.C.

    Reflection on the political scope of user-centered design

    • Philippe Gauthier, Associate professor at the École de design of the Université de Montréal

    P is for Political: Participatory Design and Rebalancing the Power Differential

    • Tai Huynh, Creative Director, OpenLab, University Health Network

    Track 2

    Workshop 2

    Who is Your Future Customer?

    • Vanessa Rementilla, Design Strategist and Coach, RBC
    • Adi Sharma, eX Strategist, RBC




    Track 1

    Session theme: Service Designing the Future
    Service Design practice evolves quickly, requiring integration with new technologies, infrastructure and metrics.


    Preschoolers, Artificial Intelligence & Education

    • François Perrin, User Experience Designer
    • Anna Wu, Principal User Experience Designer

    What is the end point of service design in government, anyway? The Future of Civics and Crafting it together

    • Kristofer Kelly Frère, The City of Calgary
    • Jonathan Veale, The City of Calgary

    Beyond NPS – why the ‘silver bullet’ CX metric misses the mark

    • Katherine Monteith, Design Strategist, Bridgeable
    • Marie Serrano, Policy Innovation Hub, Ontario Government

    Track 2

    Workshop 3

    Video Prototypes for Service Design

    • Michael-Owen Liston, Product Designer,
    • Daniel Epstein, Associate, Service Design, Bridgeable


    Closing Remarks


    Social evening presented by FJORD
    La Société, 131 Bloor St W