A Sampler of Service Design Methods

Ready to expand your palette? Here's your chance to finally sample some of those design methods you've been hearing about but never had the opportunity to try out. Working in groups you'll get a chance to try out a variety of activities in a safe, supportive, and reflective environment. At the end we’ll come together to share our thoughts on the methods and how we might utilize them in our practice.

The Future, Backwards
A Cognitive Edge method, Future Backwards is an activity that helps teams understand their past and contemplate the possibilities of their future.

Reframing Innovation
Derived from Kees Dorst and his work on Frame Innovation, this activity will explore paradoxes in design through reframing.

This technique brings a service experience to life through a skit that expresses ideas through a story. This may feel a bit out there, hence a good activity to try out with your peers.


Jacqueline Antalik, Director of User Experience, OpenRoad Communications

Designing and delivering positive, meaningful service experiences isn't just about the tools and methods. End-users have their own unique experiences, personal needs, pain points, and fresh ideas—and it's this opportunity for unearthing the human connection that motivates Jacqueline as an experience designer.

As Director of User Experience at OpenRoad, Jacqueline works closely with clients to define, and execute on, the service experience their customers desire and demand. She strives to deliver insightful yet pragmatic solutions that result in humane, citizen-centered services. Her broad expertise comes from working on large mission-critical systems as well as extensive experience in human computer interaction, business & system analysis, workshop planning & facilitation, and workplace learning & technology.  Jacqueline has worked with a range clients throughout her career, including BC Hydro, BC Ministry of Justice, Island Health and TELUS.


Deborah MacKenzie, User Experience Designer, OpenRoad Communications

Service design's capacity to drive societal change is what fascinates Deborah most. She is excited about the potential of service design methods to be applied across a wide range of contexts that help solve problems that matter. She is passionate about connecting with others in the design community and sharing experiences, learning and building on others’ knowledge in the process.    

Deborah is an experience designer at OpenRoad, an award-winning agency committed to human-centred, participatory methods, evidence-based practice, and complexity theory-inspired processes. She has also taught a Masters level UX course at the Centre for Digital Media. While working at OpenRoad, she has worked with clients such as the BC Ministry of Justice, Pokémon, Emily Carr University, and TELUS.