Preschoolers, Artificial Intelligence & Education

Can artificial intelligence enhance the effectiveness of kids’ educational apps? Our goal is to unearth the value of AI in improving learning and growth outcomes. Can it be leveraged as a tool that complements the game design methods we rely on as well as the fine-tuned recommendation engines we build in to our products?

It’s important to note that AI comes with a growing set of challenges. Though an app’s emotional intelligence can benefit a child, ethical questions arise regarding emotional attachment, cognitive development and general security. Where does one draw the line when it comes to virtual interactions that aim to educate children about curricular subjects, personal growth and social interactions? How comfortable should parents be with educational AI? What mentality should we, as creators, adopt moving forward?
With over decade of experience creating educational apps, these are the questions we’ve been asking ourselves and plan to address.


François Perrin, User Experience Designer

François joined LVL in 2015 and has since contributed his education and UX expertise to a plethora of successful projects. He is recognized amongst colleagues for having the ability to quickly come up with designs that steer users toward their end-goals in addition to being able to create intuitive solutions that both captivate and motivate users of all ages. His secret to success? Applying educational psychology and design best practices to all that he does. François is LVL’s go-to guy when it comes to conducting research and establishing needs and objectives. What’s more, his extraordinary illustration skills have come in quite handy over the years, especially when applied to the design of alternative worlds and avatars for child-focused projects.


Anna Wu, Principal User Experience Designer

As LVL’s Principal UX Designer, Anna’s responsibilities run the gamut from leading UX efforts on major products to providing insight and direction to her team of designers. Nothing pleases her more than executing market research and discovering new products and services, as well as planning and executing UX strategy for her clients. As for Anna’s end goal? She’s 100% dedicated to defining and designing the most innovative ways for end users to consume and enjoy media. In her 5 years at LVL, Anna has been instrumental in developing numerous TV-centric applications such as TELUS PIK TV, Optik Smart Remote, Optik Selfcare and the TED TV Application. Prior to joining the team, Anna was an Interaction Designer at Research in Motion.